FBA sellers worldwide created our story

Hundreds of Clients

Clients Signed Up With SellerClaims

Thousands of Unclaimed

Unclaimed Reimbursements

Hundreds of Clients

Clients Signed Up With SellerClaims

Thousands of Unclaimed

Unclaimed Reimbursements

You're an FBA seller-and that means
Amazon has control of your inventory

How do you  scrutinize Amazon’s Fulfillment data?

My employees
are on it

I don't trust Amazon with a dime. My team rigorously screens all details to locate discrepancies.

When I see something, I'll say something

It can't be that bad . Amazon has sophisticated software that keeps track of everything. If I spot a mistake, I'll contact Amazon.

I don't. I can't risk Amazon's wrath

Losing profit to Amazon is part of being an FBA seller. I don't claims missing units. I do not complain about damaged shipment.

The outcome

Full wages employee compensation, thousands of dollars lost to data discrepancies, hundreds of items not accounted for.

Ouch. I felt that too.
I was on my employees-are-on-it team. I filed some reimbursements for the company, and we got back some credits. But when discussing it with other hands-on sellers, I detected missed possibilities because we submitted credits for different reasons. Other sellers wondered at our constant FBA analysis and speculated, “Isn’t Amazon on it?” Many others never submitted claims because they feared Amazon pushback.

The energy in sales dissipated as I realized the money was streaming to Amazon’s coffers. Got to plug the leak, right? But the reimbursement companies weren’t submitting every available claim, and their filing
processes weren’t up to date with Amazon best practices. So, what’s an FBA seller supposed to do?

Stuck between throwing money at Amazon or throwing more money at Amazon I built SellerClaims

An expert in seller accounts because what worked for one mega seller might work for you.

An expert in Amazon policy because there are always claims to implement and old ones retire.

An expert in collaborating with Amazon because we understand Amazon Terms & Conditions rule, even the non-disclosed ones.

Our Values


We value the trust it takes to have your FBA data audited. We work to exceed your expectations with monthly reports and any-day customer support.


Amazon rules, policies, and refund qualifications are constantly changing. We are right there with them, finding new claims to file and stopping those no longer in policy, so you have all possible cases filed for you. Always.


We are committed to building your business for the long-term, with a healthy Amazon relationship. Therefore, our audit will not start as a quick clean-up. Instead, it’s a deep dive into your business data to assess what to claim and when.

Don’t Get Software on Auto-Pilot.

When you work with Seller Claims, we serve as an extension of your team resolving Amazon claim even those once-in-an-account disasters or where you’re missing documents so you have more money to run your business and less headache.