SellerClaims FAQs

If you’re new to reimbursement claims or just looking to bring all your profits home, this page will help you learn more about requesting money from Amazon.

A credit Amazon gives you due to inventory lost or damaged in their care.

This is a claim you file for money owed to you by Amazon due to inventory issues and errors.

Amazon often corrects issues within 45 days and credits your account accordingly. After that time frame, it generally won’t be recovered unless requested.

You can submit a claim through the Contact Us page in Seller Central. You will need to provide proof of the claim and any additional documents requested.

Amazon allows sellers to submit claims for up to 18 months in most circumstances. For other claims, they only allow 3-9 months.

We audit FBA inventory to identify discrepancies. Once noticed, we investigate these issues. If warranted, a claim is filed with Amazon. We monitor the claim until Amazon posts a credit to your account or adds the stock back into your inventory.

We use custom-developed software to audit your account and flag data that needs to be reconciled. Before processing claims, we analyze the details to benefit long-term account health. Additionally, we allow time for Amazon to auto-reimburse you. The most significant claims expiring first will be filed soonest.

We provide you with our Amazon-authorized developer account details. After permitting the software to have limited access to your account, you’d create a user with limited permissions.

All 16 marketplaces. See the full list here.

Absolutely. We support global sellers, and we charge in your preferred currency.

Once we agree to work together, you sign our T&C agreement. In short, the agreement states that you agree to allow us to file claims on your behalf, and you are committed to paying a percentage of the reimbursements you receive.There’s no long-term commitment.

Yes, you can file claims on your own. All claims are tracked and have unique IDs. We will only follow up and charge for claims we filed.

This is our specialty! We’ll investigate your unique circumstances and be on top of the case until it’s resolved.

No. We can re-audit the data already audited by your current service. You’d be surprised by the number of reimbursements we’ve found even after data has been audited. We recommend you compare the results after the first round with us.

Seller Claims pricing works on a percentage model. We take a small percentage of the total Amazon credits you’ve received that month, which depends on the item price and order volume. You only pay if you get paid, and stock returned to inventory is your bonus!

We share a monthly report, where you can see the claims and credits on your account. You’re billed monthly, according to this report, in the currency of your choice. Payment is processed via automatic billing with a credit card or bank details

If no claims were reimbursed that month, then you don’t pay at all.

We follow Amazon’s recommendations, plus we’ve implemented some of our own safety guidelines. See Amazon’s reimbursement policy.

We audit your account weekly, so you have steady access to these funds to grow your business. We can even process the claims daily if you need a cash flow boost.

Absolutely not. Our priority is the safety of your account. All claims are filed manually by our trained staff.

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