We audit, discover, claim, follow-up,
and recover FBA reimbursements for
Amazon sellers worldwide


How much of your FBA spreadsheets do you understand?

With millions of products passing through Amazon’s warehouses and thousands of returns and credits issued, sellers lose thousands of dollars between the pallets.

We’re here to pick up the dropped bills so Amazon credits your account accordingly.

Reimbursement Claims

We intuit Amazon’s policies and maximize them for your benefit. We file claims
that don’t jeopardize your account, but do put Amazon’s rules to work for you.
We’re always finding new ways to tell Amazon when the money is yours.

FBA Shipments

We claim any units that are missing for your FBA shipments

FBA Shipments Redo

Amazon's investigation determines that shipment is not missing ? never mind . we can still claim it.

Lost Items

We claim any item that has gone missing in any FBA facility..

Damaged Items

We claim any item that got damaged in any FBA facility.

Wrong Reimbursements

Finally got the credit, but it s the wrong amount? We'll claim the difference for you.

Inventory Discrepancies

We reconcile transactions to account for every piece of inventory


Order refunded but stock wasnt added to inventory? We ll claim that for you.

Order Discrepancies

Order refunded but stock wasnt added to inventory? We ll claim that for you.

Removal Order Discrepancies

We claim any removal orders shipped from Amazon but not delivered to you

FBA Fees

Charged incorrectly? We ll track it and claim it for you.

Storage Fees

We'll calculate the correct storage charges and claim any overcharged

Referral Fees

We audit your account to verify the amounts and claim any incorrect referral fees

Customer Returns

Returns received in non sellable condition? We'll follow up with Amazon and claim that for you.

SAFE-T Claims

We file all SAFE-T claims for your FBM orders.

Destroyed Items

We claim any item that was incorrectly disposed.

Coming Soon…

Between Amazon’s policy changes and sellers’ unique predicaments, we’ll soon find another type of claim to file.

Custom Cases

All sellers “do Amazon” differently. And that means you may have an Amazon issue that does not fit into a neat little square and a standard procedure. At Seller Claims, we get that.

That’s why we’ll work directly with you to main investigate your suspicions and file claims for the those Amazon messes.

Document Support

The Amazon rep wants a shipper’s document to substantiate your claim. A bajillion shipments are coming and going. You don’t have t.h.i.s. POD on file.  At Seller Claims, we get that you’re too busy with new shipments to chase old documents.

That’s why we do it for you. Whenever Amazon requests invoices or signed PODs, we can contact your shipper/manager directly for the document. We don’t just drop the case.

Daily Cases

You’ve earned a profit, but cash is still tight. And you need the money to survive and grow.

We’ll file your claims daily to keep your cash flow stable.

How Much of Your Money is Padding Amazon’s stock?

Missing items + damaged items + inaccurate charges = thousands of dollars lost each month

If You Want To:

Keep what you earn

Increase your cash flow

And grow your brand

Reach out to us for a custom quote